Ivan & the Fortress

Spread 3 of 3 for Marya Morvena Storybook

Horse Troubles

Spread 2 of 3 for Marya Morvena Storybook

Koshcey Imprisoned

Spread 1 of 3 for Marya Morvena Storybook

Noble Thornbill Book Cover

Noble Thornbill Book Cover Award: Society of Illustrators Student Scholarship Exhibit 2022

Oscar’s Christmas Gift

Oscar’s Christmas Gift Quarter page illustration for the December kit.

Books by Billy Collins – Poetry Poster

Books by Billy Collins Poetry Poster Poster made to hang in the library.

Four Generations

Four Generations Chloe as a baby held by Grandma Pearl, Great Grandma Oreo, and her mother.

Helping Oscar’s Grandma

Helping Oscar’s Grandma Oscar and his sister helping his grandma carry her homemade dolls to the fair.

Booey’s House

Booey’s House This spooky home is lived in by a ghost family of three and their cat.

Booey Tells the Truth

Booey Tells the Truth Tender moment between mother and son.

Helping Hazel

Helping Hazel Oscar and his sister reach out to Hazel to help her find her dad.

Grandma Pearl

Grandma Pearl The best Dogstronaut in space.

Oscar’s Train

Oscar’s Train As Oscar finally arrives at the toy tent, the train he has been saving for is gone.

Family Photo Album

Family Photo Album Family photos are a great way to reconnect with your roots and know where you came from.

Riding the Carousel

Riding the Carousel Oscar takes his sister to ride on the carousel before stopping by the toy tent.

Putting on Coats

Putting on Coats Oscar and his sister bundle up for a day at the Winter Festival.